Hello to our wonderful school community from the Parents and Friends’ Association.


The PFA is a voluntary association of the parents of all children attending Reddam House Berkshire.  It exists to enrich the school experience for our children.

As parents, we work voluntarily to provide opportunities for the school community to come together socially, and to foster a sense of social responsibility in the school community through various fund-raising initiatives.

Where funds raised are not expressly for the benefit of a particular cause, they go towards activities and equipment that directly benefit the children of Reddam and are supplementary to those provided by the school.

The PFA works with but is independent from the school management structures. As such we do not receive funding from the school to run our program of activities. Rather, we rely on the participation of parents both physically and financially.

For this reason we ask that each family contributes a £15.00 PFA membership fee each year.  Monies raised through the levying of this fee provide the PFA with the means to launch our annual program, with the aim of raising additional funds through our various activities over the course of the year.

The Reddam House finance team collects this money on the PFA’s behalf by adding it to your fees in Term 3. The fee is not mandatory – you may elect to opt out of paying it – but we sincerely hope you will support the valuable work we do by making this small financial contribution.

We also hope you will be an active member of the PFA and support our work with your time and energy. If you have a child attending the school you are automatically a member of the PFA and entitled to help shape and drive the programs we run throughout the year.